Sometime in the latter part of March, I discovered [what I thought to be] a very large lump in my left breast. I was absolutely shocked! The shock didn’t stem as much from finding the lump -as I had found one in my right breast about 20 years prior- it was the size that dumb founded me the most. All I could think was ‘how did I miss this’!

After the initial shock, I did many searches over the internet to get an idea of what I should do next.  I found most advise to calm down and give it a month, because it could just be hormonal. So that is exactly what I did. I waited 30 days. Still reluctant to make an appointment -due to not having insurance- David (my husband) convinced me that my health was way more important. I made an appointment at the local health center, the visit was only $20, but I knew a series of test would follow and all I could think about were the bills to accompany them.

Of course the lump was confirmed by the doctor and she too was obviously surprised by the size. She wrote me a script for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. As she handed me the scripts, the expression on my face must have been pretty obvious, because her response was “You don’t have insurance, do you?” And I confirmed with a smirk and a nod. She than told me not to worry and brought in a medical social worker, who was very nice, understanding and empathetic. To make a long story short, in two days I was covered for any and all test I would need! What a relief!!! 🙂


STAY TUNED FOR PART 2: “The Big Tests Day”!!!




Hello world….It’s me Shelly! 🙂

If you are reading this blog, it is probably because you were invited by me, another family member, friend or other acquaintance. In any event, you may or may not have known, that I was recently diagnosed with Tripple Negative, Metaplastic Breast Cancer. This is a very aggressive, high-grade breast cancer, that counts for less than 5% of all breast cancer diagnosis. Ironically, my worst fear in the beginning was not having medical insurance. By the grace of God and the many grants available to women for breast cancer screening, those fears have subsided!

My purpose and hope for writing this blog, is to inspire those that have not undergone breast disease screening, to do so at least by the age of 40. I would also like to keep loved ones up to date with my journey, as I know many of you will offer your prayers and encouragement. And if there is someone else out there going through a similar diagnosis, you are NOT alone!

Yours Truly, Love Shelly 🙂