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Finally I have a computer I can sit down and use.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted an update. As a matter of fact I haven’t posted since I’ve been in treatment, and now I am half way done.  Not too many horrific side effects for me, but enough to make me look forward to when this is over! Of course, ALL my hair is gone, I still have lashes and eyebrows. Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue! Can you say fatigue? That is my biggest challenge and it is due mostly to me [already] being anemic. Normal red blood cell counts should be between 12 and 15.5. I started at 9.5 even before chemo treatments.

By the time my 4th treatment was due, my red blood cell count was down to 8.4. I had also developed a bladder infection, and what sounded to be a virus when the doctor listened to my lungs. Because of the anemia, my doctor had me sign a consent in case I needed a blood transfusion, for the bladder infection she gave me a 3 day supply of Cipro,  and for the virus (cold) she postponed my 4th treatment for a week. It worked wonders!!! When I went back the next week, the infection was cleared, the cold gone and my blood count was back up to 9. I have to say this past two weeks I have been feeling very very good!

Tomorrow will be my 5th treatment and the start of a new medicine “Taxol”. It is said to be a lot less toxic than the first part of the treatment. So I am looking forward to feeling better and better. Oh yes, the lump in my left breast has shrank so far from 4.5 cm to about 1.5 cm. And you can barely find the lymph-node under my arm. So the plan is working. I see the surgeon in November. His hope is that the lump is small enough to remove and spare the breast. My hope is to be cancer free. In other words ‘by any means necessary’ lol.

My friends and family have really been supportive! My daughter and two of my first cousins are sporting baldies and say they will keep them until I’m done with treatment. My children have been the best! My husband spoils me, although I know I get on his nerves. He has volunteered to be my designated “punching” bag  in times of frustration, but I try not to punch too hard or too often.. 😉 I will let you all know how the new treatments are working out and I will try to update at least once a week and maybe little short updates on a daily basis. so until next time…TO GOD BE THE GLORY…. 🙂





Got the port catheter implant on Thursday. It’s soooo SUPER  ugly!!! lol.

Going to the beach with my family tomorrow!  Wednesday I’ll be at church celebrating my pastor’s 22nd pastoral anniversary [in ONE place]! Thursday is theee day…pray for

I am so not looking forward to these chemo infusions! But hey, sometimes the road to victory has a path with a battle or two…or three…or four…or…you get the picture. I’ll be back to tell ya ALL about it! 🙂




Hi all!

Here are the new updates concerning my treatment plan.  This Thursday, the surgeon will implant a temporary device called a port into my chest. The port is used for chemotherapy infusions, it is a lot safer than injecting the medicine directly through a vein in the arm.  My first treatment will begin on the 12th. I will be receiving a dose dense combination of Adriamycin and Cytoxan. The treatment will be administered every two weeks,  four times, followed by the chemotherapy drug Taxol, which will also be administered every two weeks,  four times. This will be a total of 16 weeks of chemotherapy.

Normally surgery is performed to remove the tumor before chemo is given, but because this cancer is so aggressive and has now started to grow in my right breast as well, my doctor have decided to start chemo first in hope that it will shrink some of the tumor and keep them from spreading. If it proves to be responding well [half way through treatment] then surgery may be an option. It looks as if a double mastectomy may be what the doctor orders. Why? Because I am under 50, the cancer is triple negative, and in both breast and I have a [male] cousin who is also being treated for breast cancer, my doctors believe I may have a genetic disorder or gene [BRCA-1] that causes breast cells to mutate and become cancerous. Hence, to keep risks low, all breast tissue should be surgically removed.

When it come to breast cancer, reconstructive surgery is no longer considered cosmetic. Instead, it is now a part of treatment and insurances have to cover it. As a woman, I appreciate this long thought out and fought out breakthrough, as you can probably imagine why!  In some cases they can start reconstructive surgery right after the removal of your breasts, just so you won’t have to see yourself without your longtime homies!! You will be renewed, and so will they!!!

So the next time I post, it will be to let you know how the port surgery went and then treatments. I will be going to the beach on Monday with my family. My eldest son came home yesterday and will be with us for ten days!!! I will find reasons to laugh, smile, shout and praise…because God has TRULY been good to me!!! 🙂  Until next time…