Hi everyone!

It’s been a minute since my last post, so much has gone on this week. A friend was in a serious accident this weekend with her daughter and grandson. She’s doing good, spirit’s up and she is encouraged! Tiffani, her daughter is a real fighter and there is hope that she too will pull through this…her grandson…well, he was playing video games when we got to the hospital…lol. GOD IS SO GOOD! 🙂

Me: The surgeon called me yesterday to let me know that the small lump that was found in the right breast is the same type of cancer that is in the left breast. However, this will not change the treatment plan. I will have to start chemo before surgery as opposed to after surgery. The next step will be inserting a port for the chemo infusions. This is an outpatient procedure that will be done in a day’s time. The surgeon informed me the paperwork is being done for that. I will also be given a test to make sure my heart can stand the chemo; this is standard.

“14 days” that’s what I’ve been told about how soon I am likely to start treatments. Now this thing is becoming a little more [UN] surreal to me, but I am still encouraged!!! Thanks for the calls and the encouraging comments. I will give an update on how my appointment goes today. Look for a new category: A TREATMENT PLAN. Until next time, GET THOSE MAMMOGRAMS!!!



About Shelly

Hello, my name is shelly and I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I love to write so I decided to keep a journal. I also thought, creating a public blog would be a good idea to keep my family and friends up to date with my process. Just for the record, I truly believe Jehovah will deliver me from this disease that has devastated so many lives. I hope that others in similar situations will be encouraged.

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