This one will be short and to the point…I think 😉

“Ok Mrs. Lawrence, get undressed from neck to waist and put this on” Another exam? I thought I was here only to speak with the Dr. I feel like I’m in a movie called ‘Fiddle On The Boob’. Get it? Instead of “Fiddler On The Roof”, “Fiddle On The…ok, maybe that wasn’t a good one, but anyway, after David and Shyla sits down and the surgeon’s nurse, the breast care coordinator, the social worker and the surgeon gets settled into the exam room…IT’S A PARTY!!! I probably should have set up an FB invite so everyone could be there lol. Just joking, I actually appreciate knowing that everyone who is a part of my care will be kept on the same page.

After the preliminary follow-up questions, my surgeon pulls up the pictures to go over the PET and MRI results. Remember in the last post when I mentioned the “One of those days” thing, and how I related it to my journey so far? Well, this is why:

  1. I found a lump so I search the internet and discover, it may just be hormonal; so I give it about 30 days and lo and behold: IT’S STILL THERE!
  2. My Dr. confirms, this is a mass. “We’ll get you some insurance and off to mammography you go, JUST TO PLAY IT SAFE!”
  3. Test shows mass size and position, a smaller lump and swollen lymph nodes. “But remember 80% of breast lumps are benign” Test confirms: MINE IS MALIGNANT!
  4. “Breast cancer is so common, and most can be treated with hormone therapy for a complete cure”. What I have is called “Triple Negative” and hormone therapy WON’T WORK!
  5. PLUS, the cells in this cancer doesn’t look like breast cancer cells at all! They have somehow evolved into cells you find from other types of cancers, which means this is a very aggressive subtype [METAPLASTIC].
  6. Then the Dr. explains to me that the MRI shows something in my right breast TOO! And the PET shows there may even be something in my BONES!

Well dippity do da…dippity day…my oh my…..”IT’S JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS!”

Shouldn’t I have stopped, dropped and be ROLLING on the floor laughing my BUTT off at this point? Well, guess what? Actually, I’M NOT! No, instead…I just let out a little…lol  and smh, but I remind MYSELF, and I leave you with this scripture: JOB 2:1-6. 😉

Regardless, of what is put on us, our LIFE is in the hand of the Father! Again, I thank you of traveling this journey with me. I have received many messages and phone calls of encouragement and I STILL remain encouraged!



About Shelly

Hello, my name is shelly and I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I love to write so I decided to keep a journal. I also thought, creating a public blog would be a good idea to keep my family and friends up to date with my process. Just for the record, I truly believe Jehovah will deliver me from this disease that has devastated so many lives. I hope that others in similar situations will be encouraged.

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