LOL LOL LOL…..’It’s Just One Of Those Days!’


Did you ever have one of those days when EVERYTHING seemed to go wrong! It may look something like this: You know you have an early morning meeting so you make sure to get a good night’s rest because you’ll be getting up an hour early [JUST] so you can be on top of your game. By the time you awake, you realize the time went forward and you forgot to set your clock, so you’re really up at your usual time. But that’s ok! You get up; you get washed; you get dressed. You throw those juicy ribs [from the cookout the day before] in the microwave so they’ll nuke while you put on your makeup. “Mmm…Breakfast of Champions!”

Got on your makeup! Now, where are those shoes? While you’re searching for the shoes you just knew were in the closet; in the black box; you swear you smell something burning. You stand, you sniff, you look around…and around…and around…Found them! The shoes! One peeping out from under the bed and the other one smashed by the radiator cover. “Oh well” they don’t look too bad and besides, that ugly crease will probably wear out soon enough.  So you put on those shoes and rush downstairs because heavenly barbecue cuisine awaits you, but smoke is coming from the microwave because you inadvertently added an extra zero to what you thought was only going to be 2 minutes. And now you want to cry!!!!!!!! Aaaaaand you CRY…lol….shame on you.

Don’t forget you have a meeting and you’re not up as early as you thought you would be. So you rush to get your keys and head-on-out. But wait, your keys are nowhere to be found. So you attempt to call another household member to see if they have seen them, only to realize, you can’t find your phone either. This is where your pressure rises to pressure cooker status and you feel as if you are boiling on the inside, but you decide to stay positive. You stop, you calm down, you find your keys and your phone…wait for it…wait for it…IN YOUR POCKETBOOK!

After the battle of driving through traffic or the hustle and bustle of public transportation, you finally arrive at your destination. You rush into the building [still excited and positive] because you are so proud that despite your challenging morning, you still made it intact and on time! You sign in; you look around and you ask “Where is everybody?” The reply: “The meeting was postponed until tomorrow…didn’t you get the memo?” Your jaw drops, you shoulders slump and you think to yourself…’What could possibly happen next?’ As you turn to walk away, the heel on that radiator cover smashed shoe…breaks off! LOL LOL LOL!!! Then I accept “It’s just one of those days” and I look forward to the humor in the REST of the day.

That’s how I have to look at it. By the time I get to the 3rd or 4th thing that goes wrong in “one of those days”, I have to STOP…DROP…AND ROLL ON THE FLOOR, LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF!

Why am I telling you this? Because at this point, that is where I am in this journey.  I don’t want to scare anybody away by looking at how lengthy this post is, so I will continue the actual results of yesterday’s tests and my visit with the surgeon in the following post…THAN you will see exactly what I mean! STAY TUNED…..



About Shelly

Hello, my name is shelly and I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I love to write so I decided to keep a journal. I also thought, creating a public blog would be a good idea to keep my family and friends up to date with my process. Just for the record, I truly believe Jehovah will deliver me from this disease that has devastated so many lives. I hope that others in similar situations will be encouraged.

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